@lounge71_mac Instagram Profile 11 January, 2019

Legal! Sou corretor de imóveis e gostaria de humildimente divulgar o lançamento no qual estou participando. É um imóvel na Vila Mariana, lindo e com excelente custo benefício. Veja o post no meu Perfil, se tiver interesse! Agradeço desde já a oportunidade de contato! Ótimo dia!

@e.sa.l Instagram Profile 11 January, 2019

So nice 👍👍👍👍

@insieme_house Instagram Profile 11 January, 2019

Thanks so much for sharing our home. Could you please credit accordingly? Thank you! 💙

@fal_doa__ Instagram Profile 11 January, 2019

دعانويسي با قرآن👌احضار وبرگشت معشوق،باطل طلسم،زبان بند قوي،طلسم موكل دار،دعاي رزق روزي،دعاي مهرومحبت،گشايش كار،بخت گشايي،فروش ملك،قفل كردن معشوق،رام ومطيع شدن معشوق وهمسر👌انواع فال،،،فال قهوه تاروت،چايي، پيش بيني اتفاقات آينده كاري مالي احساسي ازدواجي

@robin_stubbert_photographer Instagram Profile 12 January, 2019

I recognize this account as someone that I admire and follow, who I see has already informed you that this is her home and has reasonably and politely requested proper credit. You still haven’t done it and I see that you don’t credit any of these exceptional places and spaces so with that in mind, and I’m usually over the top polite about these things, you have 1.7m too many followers. Brutal.

@mariateresadebracamonte Instagram Profile 19 January, 2019

@myhouseidea why don’t you credit the houses and pictures you share? This beautiful house belongs to my friend @insieme_house J see that many people has asked you to do so and you ignore everybody’s rights.... I don’t get it.

@mariateresadebracamonte Instagram Profile 16 hours ago

@insieme_house I think you can put a copyright complaint with Instagram, this person is profiting stealing from others, at the beginning it could had been ignorance but at this point it is plain disregard for other people’s intelectual properties and rights, I can only imagine the low quality person without character or backbone behind this account.... this person doesn’t contribute with anything , it’s all stolen from others. @instagram